Falling is a serious health risk among older adults. Each year, about one out of three Americans over 65 years of age experience a fall. Not only are falls expensive to treat, but the pain and injury they cause can have negative effects on a person’s quality of life and drastically reduce a older adult’s independence. Falling is not a natural part of aging and it’s important that senior adults, their families, caregivers and healthcare providers work together to prevent falls.

Our Mission:

To reduce falls and fall-related injuries in older adults through community collaboration, awareness, education and effective interventions.

“Falls and related injuries including hip fractures in the elderly deserves the same attention as other chronic diseases due to the significant mortality and morbidity associated with it. We could do more towards awareness and recognition of the problem and early prevention and interventions to avoid recurrence. Efforts of the Hamilton County FPTF are timely and will go a long way in achieving success in this area for our community seniors.”

—Arvind Modawal, MD MPH,
Geriatrician and Associate Professor of Family Medicine
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

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