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General Information

Do you know a group of healthcare providers, older adults, students or caregivers who would benefit from fall prevention education?

The Speaker’s Bureau can help with information, tips, and facts about falls and fall prevention.

Presentation Topics

  • General Fall Prevention
  • Making Your Home Safe
  • Balance Disorders and Falls
    in the Elderly
  • Fall Prevention for Fire/EMS personnel
  • Fall Prevention for Allied Health Students
  • Fall Prevention and Intervention for Skilled Nursing Professionals*


*1.0 Continuing Education credit given to RN/LPN for attending

General Fall Prevention Outline

  • National/Local Statistics
  • What Causes Falls?
  • Risk Factors for Falling
    • Fear of Falling
    • Vision
    • Mobility, Balance, Strength, Flexibility
    • Medications, Alcohol
    • Diseases, Long Term Illnesses
    • Clothing and Footwear
    • Environmental
  • What to ask your doctor about falling
  • What to do when/if you fall

Unable to schedule or attend a presentation? View the slideshow for General Fall Prevention online!

Directions for the General Fall Prevention Slide Show

  • After the Slide Slow appears, click on in the lower right hand corner.
  • Use the SPACE BAR to advance the slides.
  • When done viewing, click the mouse to finish and click
    your browser’s Back Button.

View the slideshow for General Fall Prevention online!

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